Interactive doggie rope toy with suction cup

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  • High-Quality Materials- The suction toy dog ​​cup includes balls, suction cups, and ropes, made of food-grade TPR material, has good elasticity, bite resistance, and non-toxic, soft, durable, wear-resistant, like rubber and plastic.


  • New Upgraded Suction Cup Dog interactive chewing suction cup tug toys are equipped with a strong double suction cup more firmly adsorbed. It can sturdily adhere to the floor, door, and glasses to let the pet self-playing, help the dog to kill time, relieve the anxiety and stress, to make the dog's life a little easier.


  • Teeth Cleaning Made Simple- Our dog molar bite toy features a treat-dispensing ball with rounded spikes that clean the food residue in your pet’s teeth along with built-up tartar to promote fresh breath. Encourages your pet to exercise and clean their teeth at the same time.


  • Multifunctional Dog Ball Toy- Dog ball toys are multifunctional toys in which your pets' can not only play by themselves but also play with you. You can tug of war dog toy, fetch, ball, and many other games with your pet in many different places.