Self-cleaning grooming brush

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The Perfect Pet Brush - Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush gently removes loose fur, mats, easily grooming the undercoat without scratching your pet's skin. Perfect for both large, medium, or small dogs and cats, from long to short coats with thick, wiry, or curly hair.

Self Cleaning Button - Simply click the button to extend the bristles, You can start grooming your dog, cat, rabbits & more, quickly and will see results within minutes. After you're done, Then click the button again, withdrawing the bristles and the hair will wipe off instantly.

Safe & comfortable - Stainless steel teeth and a comfortable nonslip designer grip handle ensure that every pet owner can enjoy that special bonding time you have while grooming your pets, preventing hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet!

Pets love our brush - Our Dog and Cat Hair Brush gives your pet a great feeling while grooming. It massages your pet which enhances blood circulation keeping their fur healthy, leaves your pet's coat soft and shiny.